Travel Diaries #1: Chiang Mai, Thailand

I travelled to Chiang Mai, Thailand as part of a teambuilding trip recently and to sum the experience up in one word, it’s awesome.

thumb_IMG_7465_1024Prior to the trip, I’ve never been to Thailand, so naturally, I was looking forward to it. I brought along THB3000 (about RM300) and RM250 of “emergency” money — I spent THB900 on my first day there. Ha ha ha. Can’t blame me. Good thing I bought the traveller sim card (pre-loaded with Internet data) coz the wifi at the hotel sucked.

thumb_IMG_7511_1024I tried the Thai Iced Tea, but I’ve never liked milk with tea so that wasn’t something I enjoyed. The Thai Iced Coffee was really good though! The rest of the food I tried there was amazing. Mango Sticky Rice was so good. I love how all the mangoes there are so sweet, but the ones we get back home are sour (goes to show how sucky I am at picking out mangoes).

I also noticed that Chiang Mai comes to life at night. You need to get your Bahts ready come 5pm — that’s when the night market starts. Don’t forget to visit the famous Sunday Market for more street food (I had rolled ice cream thing and freshly squeezed orange juice there — it was a hot day), home made crafts, cheap clothes as well as other knick knacks.

Now that I’m working with AirAsia, I should really plan out my next trip and use up my staff benefits, hehe. I can’t wait for my next adventure! :D

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  1. I LOVE Thai Tea! And I haven’t come across anyone that doesn’t like it until I came across your blog and this post! I’m shocked!

    All that food looks so yummy, my goodness and I’m glad you enjoyed your time in Thailand :) Can’t wait to see another one of your adventures!

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