Travel Diaries #3: Bandung, Indonesia

I flew to Bandung, Indonesia for a short weekend getaway with two of my colleagues. When I said short, I meant really short. Like, we flew after work on a Friday and thanks to the 1-hour delay, we only reached Bandung around 11pm (local time). I mean, knowing that, we didn’t really make any plans to explore the night we landed. I was sick at the time, a bad case of the flu, so all I wanted to do when we reached Bandung was sleep.

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Travel Diaries #2: Gaya Island Resort, Sabah

A month ago, I was given the opportunity to do a hotel review on Gaya Island Resort, a five-star hotel located on Gaya Island in Sabah. If you are flying with AirAsia this month, you may read the review on the October issue of Travel 3Sixty, AirAsia’s in-flight magazine.

I’m stoked that the review is finally out and that I can share with you guys what I wrote. It’s also my first ever printed work (minus the advertorial I did back when I interned at CLEO magazine). So here you go, a snippet of the review.

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