A new chapter

After about a month of applying for jobs and going for interviews, I’m no longer unemployed!

I’ve been working for 8 days now and so far, things are going well. I’m so happy that my office isn’t located or based in Kuala Lumpur. Hence, I don’t have to go through the awful traffic at 6pm. I’m able to live in my hometown — with my parents — and drive to work every day (which only takes about 45 minutes), meaning I can save up on things like rent, laundry and breakfast/dinner (HA-HA).

Because I’m still so new at this company, I’m learning more and more each day and I’m so thankful that my superiors are willing to teach and guide me. I’m happy with this job, to be honest. Some may say it’s too early to say that but for now, I can tell you that I’m content. I’m happy with it.


One response to “A new chapter”

  1. Congrats on the new job – I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying it! I hope it continues to be this good to you!

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