Travel Diaries #1: Chiang Mai, Thailand

I travelled to Chiang Mai, Thailand as part of a teambuilding trip recently and to sum the experience up in one word, it’s awesome.

thumb_IMG_7465_1024Prior to the trip, I’ve never been to Thailand, so naturally, I was looking forward to it. I brought along THB3000 (about RM300) and RM250 of “emergency” money — I spent THB900 on my first day there. Ha ha ha. Can’t blame me. Good thing I bought the traveller sim card (pre-loaded with Internet data) coz the wifi at the hotel sucked.

thumb_IMG_7511_1024I tried the Thai Iced Tea, but I’ve never liked milk with tea so that wasn’t something I enjoyed. The Thai Iced Coffee was really good though! The rest of the food I tried there was amazing. Mango Sticky Rice was so good. I love how all the mangoes LoL there are so sweet, but the ones we get back home are sour (goes to show how sucky I am at picking out mangoes).

I also noticed that Chiang Mai comes to life at night. You need to get your Bahts ready come 5pm — that’s when the night market starts. Don’t forget to visit the famous Sunday Market for more online gaming street food (I had rolled ice cream thing and freshly squeezed orange juice there — it was a hot day), home made crafts, cheap clothes as well as other knick knacks.

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Now that I’m working with AirAsia, I should really plan out my next trip and use up my staff benefits, hehe. I can’t wait for my next adventure! 😀

3 responses to “Travel Diaries #1: Chiang Mai, Thailand”

  1. I LOVE Thai Tea! And I haven’t come across anyone that doesn’t like it until I came across your blog and this post! I’m shocked!

    All that food looks so yummy, my goodness and I’m glad you enjoyed your time in Thailand 🙂 Can’t wait to see another one of your adventures!

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