#AnaBananaCookingDiaries: 5-Day Work Lunches


My favourite thing to do (at work) would probably be having lunch (or eating, in general). My colleagues and I normally have our lunches outside. But then as of late, I’m starting to feel the pinch of having lunch outside. So last week, I challenged myself to prepare homecooked lunches for 5 straight days. Since I prepared these myself, I KNOW I’m not putting in nasty, greasy, unhealthy stuff into my body (even thought they CAN be super duper yummy). Gotta find ways to save up for my upcoming travels, guys.

Here are 5 yummy lunches I prepared last week!

  • Monday: A hash consisting of potatoes, carrots, and broccolis, topped with two poached eggs. I ate this with a side of chicken nuggets I got from KFC — I followed my colleague out to the airport for lunch.
  • Tuesday: Breakfast muffins with spinach and capsicums. I had 5 muffins (I eat a lot)
  • Wednesday: My version of a vegetarian “lo mein” with spinach and capsicums. But since I’m not a vegetarian, I had this with two leftover breakfast muffins from Tuesday.
  • Thursday: Butter chicken with a side of veges — eggplants, potatoes, and capsicums
  • Friday: It’s leftovers day! Had lo mein with a side of butter chicken and veges.

Note that I don’t meal prep on weekends. I cooked all of these the night before I’m bringing them to work. Somehow I find it very therapeutic and de-stressing to spend an hour or so cooking at night. Where do I get my recipes? Most of them were taken from Pinterest, except for the butter chicken and veges — I have my own way of doing them haha. I’ll probably share a few recipes here on my blog, so stay tuned for that 🙂

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