Travel Diaries #7: Tokyo, Japan

This entry about my Tokyo, Japan trip is suuuuper late considering it’s been 6 months since the trip (I really need to revive the blog) but it was one of the best impulse purchases I’ve ever made in my life. I bought the flight tickets 9 months before on Singapore Airlines — it was only around RM1,300, cheaper than some low-cost airlines. Our Airbnb was cute and just the right size for 2 people (if you didn’t know, places in Japan are rather small).

TL;DR – Check out the video below to see snippets of my trip.

Greg and I tried to visit as much as we can — we didn’t have a proper itinerary (the reason for this is embarrassing: we planned out our activities but I forgot to bring it LOL). We managed to explore Daikanyama (amazing area with stunning architectural buildings), Ikebukuro (went there just for Pokemon Centre – WORTH IT) and got featured games that we were able to try out before hands, there was a lot of people playing and the environment was amazing, you can view the website and find more information about the extras that come with this video game. Shinjuku (amazing Halal ramen tucked in a peaceful neighbourhood), Harajuku (bought a pair of Nike Air Force 1 there), Meiji Shrine (we even managed to check out a traditional wedding ceremony there!), and the best part: TOKYO DISNEYLAND!

Food @ Tsukiji Fish Market

Dude… the food is amazing. When we went to the Market, we forced ourselves to eat TWICE within 20 minutes. Like I didn’t care if I couldn’t walk after eating so much — it was worth it. I was a little worried about maybe putting on weight, but I am a health centered individual. I like to exercise when I can, and I watch what I eat. I even take a natural health supplement that has been working great for me. It is very effective and I highly recommend it. If you would like to check it out, you can review here. Until now I still can’t comprehend how fresh the seafood they serve there. I mean, just look at these!

Being a kid again at Tokyo Disneyland

Seriously, this may come off as super overdramatic but I teared up a bit when we entered Disneyland. I mean, it’s only the place I’ve always dreamt off going when I was a kid, no big deal at all. And because we were there in December, everything was Christmas-themed. It was so magical, haha. I plan to go back to check out Disneysea, I’m sure it’s going to be as magical too!

Tokyo Disneyland all decked out for Christmas

Japanese stationery is… INSANE. I went crazy at Itoya, a multi-level stationery shop located in Ginza. Greg customised some notebooks to give away to friends while I got a cute pillowed notebook as a Secret Santa gift for a friend. I was pretty surprised that I didn’t go too crazy at Muji and Loft because to be fair, I would if I had more cash. All the washi tapes and the planners, diaries, notebooks… Jeez, I wanted to buy the whole place.

Tokyo is super busy but it’s also alive. And that kind of electricity amazes and excites me. It’s definitely one of my favourite cities I’ve visited so far and I can’t wait to go back!

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