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How I got out of a reading slump

I grew up reading the Harry Potter series, and ultimately that got me into reading. But over the years, I found myself in a deep reading slump. I just haven’t been able to finish a book, or continue my reading streak and I always blame it on not having the time to read (which wasn’t always true).

For the past few years, I told myself I was going to read at least 5 books by the end of the year — a sad amount, but it’s huge for someone who has been in a reading slump for about 5-7 years. Fortunately, it’s July and I’m proud to say I have surpassed the 5-book reading challenge by reading 7 books! Yey! So… what helped me out of my reading slump?

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Yeap… you read it right. I’ve started a Youtube channel — I’ve always had a Youtube channel, but I’ve only ever uploaded random videos of myself, my friends, as well as random concerts I’ve been to over the past few years. But I’ve always wanted to try vlogging, to branch out and do videos. So yeah. Here you go, my first vlog :)